A clever combination of bread and croissant


A success that rewards the quality of made in Italy

Schiocco is one of our products we are very proud of, since 2011 when it was born, its sales went from 2.800.000 pieces / year to 148.000.000 units sold in 2018. In 2013, this product reached the European market with a great feedback from the audience, to confirm that its tasty and flavoured dough is a synonym of quality and excellent raw materials.


Large production capacities and high quality

A high-tech production line

Our production unit has two dedicated lines which can produce respectively 15.000 and 30.000 pieces per hour. Process industrialization hasn’t affected the quality of the product, that maintains its traditional origin and its genuine flavour.


Amount / room ratio

We optimize palletisation in behalf of space

Our products are packed with the aim of the best satisfaction of the customer and to comply with the room requirements of GDO and HORECA distribution channels. We always work with the goal to simplify our customers work, as they may taste our products easier; for this reason, our pallets contain 80 boxes for every Schiocco typology, trying to minimize the waste of space.